The West Belfast Partnership Board is a broad based social partnership with community, statutory, political and business members who are dedicated to the regeneration of West Belfast.

The mission of the Partnership is to :

"Involve people who live and work in West Belfast in generating social, economic, physical and cultural development and to ensure West Belfast makes a full contribution to and benefits equitably from, developments in the city as a whole."

The Partnership is committed to improving the lives of those living in the west of the city and to getting a better deal for West Belfast, its people and places.

West Belfast Partnership implements a number of key strategic and operational functions.

We support neighbourhood renewal in West Belfast, working with locally based neighbourhood partnerships in Falls, Upper Springfield, Andersonstown, Lenadoon and the Colin area to achieve community, economic, community and physical renewal in local districts.

  • We lead the implementation of the integrated Strategic Regeneration Plan for West Belfast.
  • We lobby on behalf of West Belfast to improve employment opportunities, investment and job creation for people living here.
  • We directly deliver initiatives such as the Creative Industries workshops and we support the West Belfast  Traders' Forum.
  • We address the educational needs of our children, young people and adults by and directly delivering West Belfast wide education programmes such as our Easter schools and Aisling Educational Bursaries ( in partnership with the Belfast Media Group) and advocating for additional resources.
  • We influence government policy by actively representing the views and opinions of local people and organisations on a range of environmental issues including housing, planning and transport.
  • We actively promote and implement development strategies and programmes that work towards creating a healthier West Belfast.
  • We assist the local community sector to lobby for resources, support and recognition for the valuable work they contribute to creating a better society in West Belfast.

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