This information has been drawn from the NI Assembly Constituency Profile - Belfast West - June 2016. 


  • As of June 2014, an estimated 94,639 people lived in Belfast West, the Constituency with the sixth lowest population.
  • Overall, 23.1% of the Belfast West population were children aged 0-15 years, higher than the average in the North of 20.9%.
  • Older persons made up 13.2% of the Belfast West population, lower than the average in the North of 15.5%.


  • A higher proportion of working age people in Belfast West claimed unemployment-related benefits in 2014 when compared to the average in the North (7.7% compared to 4.6%).
  • There were 105 confirmed redundancies in Belfast West in 2014.

Low income

• As of February 2014, a higher proportion of people aged 16 and over living in Belfast West claimed at least one benefit when compared to the average in the North (49.9% compared to 38.4%).


  • In 2013/14, 75.7% of school leavers in the constituency achieved at least 5 GCSEs (A*-C) or equivalent.
  • A lower proportion of Belfast West pupils where enrolled in further education when compared to the average in the North (8.2% compared to 9.7%).


  • Life expectancy of men (2011-2013) living in Belfast West was lower than that of the average male in the North (73.9 years compared to 78.1 years). The same was true with females living in Belfast West (79.8 years compared to 82.4 years).
  • Standardised mortality rates (2008-2012) amongst those aged under 75 years due to cancer (382 compared to 292 per 100,000 persons), respiratory disease (183 compared to 156 per 100,000 persons) and circulatory disease (359 compared to 334 per 100,000 persons) were much higher in Belfast West than the average rates in the North.


  • In 2013/14, the crime rate for Belfast West was higher than the overall average rate in the North (9,376 compared to 5,709 per 100,000 persons).
  • Within the same time-frame, Incidents of antisocial behaviour decreased by 11.56% Vs 2012/13 compared to a decrease of only 0.15% across the North

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