imageWest Belfast Partnership Board's vision is of a vibrant, confident, welcoming and prosperous community at ease with itself and its neighbours that has the resources, infrastructure, environment and services to grow the economy, enhance the cultural life and well-being, education, safety and security of its citizens and be a top class destination for visitors and investment.


The strategic priorities for West Belfast Partnership flow from our vision and mission and are defined around the key development themes of social, community, economic and physical renewal:

Social Renewal


The West Belfast Partnership will play a key role in addressing inequalities in health and positively influencing public policy. Through research and consultation we will establish the key health priorities in West Belfast and work with a range of partners to identify where we can add value in addressing these priorities. Cardio vascular disease; mental health and effective use of the health estates have been identified as areas in which we can have a transformational impact.


To work to improve educational outcomes in west Belfast by addressing the recommendations for improvement made in the ETI Inspection Report (2009); by establishing and facilitating an Education and Training Forum which will address educational needs through a partnership process and devise and support programmes that aim to raise educational attainment levels. In addition we will directly organise and host the Easter Schools and Aisling Bursaries.

Integrated Services for Children and Young People

Along with our partners in Greater Shankill Partnership and local Neighbourhood Partnerships in west Belfast, we are committed to improving the life chances of children and young people in west Belfast and Shankill areas through leading the development and implementation of the Integrated Services for Children and Young People. The programme works with children, young people and their families to provide an integrated service including educational support and learning, family support, access to mental health services, youth and community services support.

Community Renewal

Neighbourhood Renewal

To lead an effective neighbourhood renewal strategy in West Belfast, working with the Neighbourhood Partnerships to ensure that people living in the most disadvantaged districts have access to the best possible services and opportunities to experience a better quality of life and an improved environment.

Good Relations and Reconstruction

To support, facilitate and advocate good relations, post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation efforts in West Belfast and beyond.


To provide a comprehensive information service for the West Belfast Partnership, raising awareness of the Partnership, its membership, key activities programmes and services.

Economic Renewal

Economic Development

To maximise economic growth and employment creation, and enhance the employment potential of all residents of West Belfast, attracting to West Belfast resources and investment commensurate with need.


To support a sustainable tourist industry in West Belfast, which contributes to job creation, economic regeneration and post conflict reconstruction.

West Belfast Traders Forum

To support and facilitate the West Belfast Traders Forum, assisting them to develop and implement a programme for growing local retail businesses and to support a BUY LOCAL campaign.

Physical Renewal

Housing, Planning & Environment

To work in partnership with agencies, communities and elected representatives, enabling West Belfast to become a self-sustaining community in which the quality of the natural and built environment is enjoyed equally by all and is developed within an agreed and planned framework.

To promote the implementation of the West Belfast Strategic Regeneration Framework for West Belfast which identifies key physical regeneration and capital build projects which will have a transformational impact on West Belfast.

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